naturopathic doctor natural medicine expertFrustrated with not feeling as well as you’d like but being told “there’s nothing wrong” with you?

Consult viewOverwhelmed with trying to be your own doctor and figure out what exactly it means to live a healthier life? Have you spent a decade or two caring for your family and are ready to to turn that energy toward caring for yourself?

I work with women who are ready to reclaim their inner wisdom and strength so they can have a life filled with energy and purpose.


I was featured in a Good of Goshen video about local businesswomen!

Women Entrepreneurs • The Good of Goshen from Good of Goshen on Vimeo.


Thankfully, my primary care physician referred me to Dr. Anne Thiel when I suggested I wanted to include a holistic approach to the various allopathic treatments I was receiving for my medical conditions.  Anne is highly trained in both traditional (Western) medicine and Natural medicine and has a wonderful ability to hold and honor the best in all the healing modalities.  Her presence is open, kind and supportive.  She takes the time to listen deeply to me and then offers both nutritional supplements and tangible ways such as dietary changes, recipes and physical activities which I can incorporate into my lifestyle to help me take responsibility for my own healing.  She encourages me to keep my mind, body, and spirit practices balanced, honest and hope-filled.  I have several doctors who deal with different parts of my “illness” and she helps me see the interrelated connections of those pieces and helps me juggle the multiple facets of my path to wholeness.  I am very grateful to have Anne on my healing team!!

Karen RS

Dr. Thiel has helped me to effectively reduce the stress in my everyday life.  Her understanding and knowledgeable insight combined with the natural supplements and herbs she recommended resulted in a big, positive change for me.  Although I initially saw her for my allergies, I found that once the stress was reduced, my allergies diminished.   I can now say I feel so much better and able to cope with everyday stressful encounters and I am elated that my allergies have not come back.    For anyone having these kind of issues, I strongly recommend Anne without hesitation.